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About NoogaLights

“Installing Christmas lights is like eating ice cream, everyone is happy!” says ELF (Extreme Lighting Fanatic) John Haustein. NoogaLights was originally established to provide seasonal lighting on residential and commercial buildings throughout the valley. As our creativity has grown brighter and brighter each year, NoogaLights now offers full-service lighting installs all year long to residences and commercial businesses throughout the southern United States. Based in Chattanooga, NoogaLights is excited to share some of their creativity with this event and spread holiday cheer to the Chattanooga Valley!


NoogaLights offers installation services for lighting and decoration products all year long. From the traditional larger warm-white bulbs to high-tech color changing lights, Christmas trees to garland, NoogaLights is the go-to seasonal decorating source. Municipalities, commercial buildings, HOAs, large commercial campuses, educational institutions, and residents continue to choose NoogaLights to source their professional holiday decorating services. All-year round services include temporary lighting for events such as weddings, parties, and graduations. NoogaLights even offers permanent architectural lighting for buildings that can be custom programmed to match any season or mood.